? Providing automated color and barcode printing and tracking systems

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to lower overhead by improving efficiency. More often than not, they find the answer they need in technology.

Nowhere is that technology more valuable than when it comes to managing company assets. Savvy operators are requiring regular and complete physical inventory of their assets to control costs. Performing a manual physical inventory is a labor-intensive, error-prone undertaking. Keeping records of hundreds, often thousands of owned and leased assets can pose a logistical nightmare. Masses of data are useless if the information cannot be easily searched, sorted, and rearranged.

Barcode technology has long been recognized as the quickest, most accurate and most efficient method of tracking inventory records, and capital assets. That benefits your bottom line, because the more you know, the more you can manage. Once each item in your asset inventory is labeled with a barcoded asset label, taking inventory is easy using a portable barcode scanner.

First, scan the room or area ID, then each labeled asset. Simply repeat the process until all the rooms and areas have been scanned, and then upload the information into a central data location. Utilizing systems such as this will allow you to assign a unique number to each scanned item, along with the common descriptive information. Assets of different types and retention schedules can be tracked simultaneously – with ease and accuracy. Everything you need to know about any given asset at any given time is at your fingertips. That is a solution that will pay for itself through improved efficiency across the board.

Solutions featuring this technology:

MasterTrak Plus:

Features include:

Wide Area Network Compatibility Custom Report Writer
SQL or SQL Express Built in retention Scheduler
Import/Export feature Track both Active and inactive records
History feature on Main Database Screen or via  Reports Cross Reference feature standard
Security uses neither NT or Database Authentication CFR11 module available
Uses several portable barcode readers for easy inventories Automically produces over due report
Documents can be tracked individually Can be linked to other databases through ODBC
Images of documents can be viewed over the internet Can be linked to other databases through ODBC
Built in Records requestor Fields can be customized and made mandatory
Data can be restricted by department allowing multiple departments to use one database Interfaces with several Electronic Carousels


BookMate is a system consisting of a computer powered kiosk which has a touch screen, barcode reader and RFID Reader.  BookMate plugs into your network and interfaces with your existing library system. Books are checked in and out just like they were scanned with a barcode scanner, only faster and by your students, not the librarian.

Each book is labeled with an RFID label inside the cover which has the barcode number encoded in it. When the book is “read” by the RFID reader, it matches the barcode and with the BookMate software, it checks out the book to the proper student, just as if the barcode was scanned on your existing library system.

RFID Mobile Handheld Readers

With integrated bar code scanner and UHF/RFID scanner deploying ATM RF PortaReader means that you will have the technology in hand to power your business for years to come.

Using Windows CE 5.0 operating System, minimizing downtime due to training and developing applications. The PDA form factor is designed to keep workers comfortable even after long hours of use. Also features a color LCD touchscreen and a well laid-out, and contrast colored keypad, making operation and data entry easy in any working environment.

Filing World NetLabels


Filingworld.com provides design assistance in your automated color code labeling requirements. NetLabels is the fastest and easiest way to print all of your individual color and barcoded labels onto one strip label. View NetLabels Demo.

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