? Colorado Distributor for Office Master Ergonomic Seating

CBS has partnered with Office Master a leader in Ergonomic Seating since 1986. OM understands that office chairs are more than just something that people sit in. In fact, after your bed, your office chair is likely to be the place where you spend the next most amount of time. Therefore, it is an important part of your life, and they recognize that. Through OM we offer a complete line of chairs that are durable (OM offers 7-year and 12-year warranties) but at affordable prices. Call us today and we'll provide a demo chair for you to sit in for a "test period". After all, our best selling approach is for you to actually experience one of our chairs.


Note – Pictured is the all new OM5 Chair from Office Master


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Filingworld.com provides design assistance in your automated color code labeling requirements. NetLabels is the fastest and easiest way to print all of your individual color and barcoded labels onto one strip label. View NetLabels Demo.

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