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When every second counts, storage solutions are the last thing you want to worry about.
CBS professionals can ensure that when it comes time to execute your mission, your storage system will NOT fail you in those critical moments.

From Patient records to crucial equipment and medications, CBS can implement solutions efficiently and in compliance with HIPAA standards.

In today's marketplace, the healthcare industry, perhaps above all others, is learning to do more with less without sacrificing quality and safety. From asset management to electronic records management, CBS can provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to meet ever increasing demands while preserving efficient, safe and economically sound operations.

conversion Equipment, Records, Medications and Assets are crucial elements of an effective Healthcare operation, let CBS show you how we can help you reach the next level.

Additionally, All of our product categories follow HIPAA standards and are HIPAA Certified.

Filing Supplies: We can apply HIPAA Standards to the design of the chart and contents as well as provide for the proper storage and transportation guidelines set forth in HIPAA Regulations. We also provide a complete line of Radiology Products.

Filing Equipment: Need to lock and secure open filing material? We have all of the most cost effective solutions including: tambour, flipper, and swing-out locking doors.

Electronic Medical Records (all HIPAA compliant) include solutions for: EOB Processing, Lab Reports, Portable Electronic Record on mini-CD, and backfiling.

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Filing World NetLabels


Filingworld.com provides design assistance in your automated color code labeling requirements. NetLabels is the fastest and easiest way to print all of your individual color and barcoded labels onto one strip label. View NetLabels Demo.

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