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There can be no doubt that of all the professional environments, the GSA / Military environment is one of the most demanding. Where precision and excellence is the standard, there simply can be no margin for error and certainly, no compromise in quality and effectiveness.

The professionals at CBS understand the importance of this and have tailored an entire line of services which meet these exacting standards and requirements.

CBS maintains professional relationships with the industry's most prolific manufacturers and as such possesses the skill and experience to provide this unique marketplace the services that they require.

We understand that the expeditious handling of material and data must also be efficient and above all: Secure.

Offering solutions which conserve space, time and maintain a high level of security, CBS product offerings are the most effective, efficient and secure in the industry.

Certified Efficiency

Official reporting and records and requirements have increased exponentially. This marked increase in requirements and sheer volume equate to one thing: The need for secure storage and most importantly, Timely Access.  

City, State and local Governments are being tasked with doing more, more quickly and with smaller budgets. The only answer is efficiency.

CBS employs highly skilled professionals well versed in the application of cutting-edge storage solutions which can enhance the efficiency of even the most demanding agencies.

Offering solutions which maximize space and security while ensuring quick access is our goal.

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