Custom Flooring Solutions

Regardless of size or scope, ERC Solutions is your source for quality flooring solutions.

Flooring Demolition and Removal

ERC Coatings and Industrial Flooring Removal professionals are able to remove a wide variety of floor coverings prior to the recovering of the floor or as an adjunct to other services.

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Concrete Polishing

Whether you are choosing to use this surface in conjunction with a newly installed flooring system, or as a stand-alone service. Floor polishing will truly make your floors stand out with distinction.

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Surface Preparation

ERC Coatings and Industrial Flooring, by employing the latest equipment from industry leaders such as Husqvarna, King Concepts, Blastrac, and SASE, is a leader in floor demolition and preparation.

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Joint and Crack Repairs

Frequently, flooring can become cracked and separated either from years of normal use or other environmental factors beyond your control.

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Epoxy Floor Coverings

Both decorative and durable, epoxy floor coatings offer end-users a low maintenance flooring solution which is highly resistant to chemicals, spills, and wear and tear.

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Epoxy Cieling and Wall Coatings

Taking the durability and aesthetic qualities of epoxy flooring solutions to a higher level, epoxy ceiling and wall coatings are a unique product well suited for those commercial and industrial environments.

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Acid Stain and Dye

he use of an acid stain or acid dye application results in a floor treatment which enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the floor while providing a long-lasting,low maintenance floor which is resistant to staining and fading.

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Chemical Containment Coatings

ERC Coatings and Industrial Floorings has acquired a vast amount of experience in the realm of chemical containment coatings.

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Conductive Floorings

This unique flooring solution demands an equally unique set of skills to deploy. Working in environments where sparking and static electricity can ultimately lead to an extremely hazardous situations.

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Commercial Structural Painting

The metal framework of todays commercial and industrial structures present a unique set of challenges. The removal of corrosion and protection from corrosion can frequently become a problem if proper methods are not used.

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