Public Safety Case Study

Certified Business Services, Inc. has expanded its offering over the last several years to include solutions for; Long and Short Term Evidence Storage, Police Task Force Readiness Lockers, Rifle and Pistol Vault Racking and Cabinet Storage. Here are a few of the success stories that we have accumulated thus far in this new and expanding storage arena:



In 2004 the residents of Greeley, Colorado passed a referendum to make public safety improvements to their city. The plan included a state-of-the-art Police Evidence Storage Facility. CBS won over its competition by providing a complete product offering at the most competitive pricing.

The project included long term evidence storage on an Aurora Office 1000 Mechanical Assist High-Density Mobile System. Item of note: Main area has 28′ long by 12′ high mobile storage units over an area 115′ wide. Also involved; oversize storage, mobile/locking drug storage, ammunition storage, wardrobe and parts storage.

As stated by the Information Officer for the City of Greeley Police Department “…the mobile systems are primarily used in the evidence storage area and have been adapted to store everything you can think of that would come into us as evidence. Our evidence techs are very happy with them.”


The Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s Mission is to suppress crime, promote safety and security, and manage criminal justice information, together with delivering excellence in criminal and background investigations, forensic laboratory services, and comprehensive criminal justice data management.

Central to their mission is the storage of critical evidence and CBS provided all of their Long Term Evidence and Long Gun/Pistol Storage with the Aurora Office 1000 Mobile System utilizing state-of-the-art weapons racking panel systems through Viking Cabinet Company.


The funding of this project was based on the following set Purpose and Goals:

Purpose Statement:
• To provide a safe and efficient environment for police department operations
• To provide a visually appealing structure in an appropriate setting
• To plan for the future with new systems and technologies for long term efficiencies

Project Goals:
• ADA access
• Design function and flow of interior spaces
• Provide interior aesthetic of all spaces
• Integrate sustainable technologies and features
• Create workspaces for maximum efficiency

Once again, CBS was selected to incorporate the latest in storage technologies to “fit in” with the stated Purpose and Goals of the new facility. Offerings including Hallowell Task Force Readiness Lockers, Aurora Office 1000 Mechanical Assist Mobile System for Long Term Evidence Storage, Fasco Security Lockers for Short Term Pass-through Evidence Lockers, and special flammable liquids lockers and workbenches.